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Ghorbaghe Series Part 7

Ghorbaghe serial part 7 :

Frog trailer + Free download of ghoorbaghe series

Serial name: Frog (Ghorbaghe Ghesmate 7)

Genre : social, criminal

Language: Farsi

Year of publication: 1399

Product Country: Islamic Republic of Iran

Director: Hooman Seyedi

Hooman Sidi is one of the inexperienced directors who has been able to create several movies and series. Now, in the new year, he has decided to make the series Frog, which will be as proud and attractive as his previous works.

What is the story of the Ghorbaghe series?

This series is in the genre of drama and mystery. In the new episode of the Frog series, we are faced with a series of social problems that the writer and director have been able to portray these social problems well.

How is the free download of this series?

One of the advantages of our site is that you can download all episodes of the Frog series in the best quality and watch it online. Our site is the only official site that publishes the latest episodes of Frog.

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